A Teddy, Darkly

in #art3 years ago

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Teddy Poo, a pixelated teddy bear, started showing up as an artifact in a few of my digital artworks.  In the beginning, He would show up here and there almost inpercievably, becoming noticeable only during the final revisions of pieces as I was preparing them for publication.  Shortly after noticing him, as if he was intelligently and purposefully motivated, he began to appear more and more, at first as variants of his natural state, and then in positions of movement.


As any sane artist would do, I assumed that he wanted his own set and collection.  Being an artist, and totally sane, I decided to do just that.  Believing that once he had his time in the spotlight, he would go back into the ether, content and happy never to mar my artwork again.

...I was wrong...

Anyway, Keep an eye out for more pieces from the, "A Teddy, Darkly" set - Now on Tagsmart.

Thanks for reading!


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