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RE: Paiting a Portrait #4 (+GIF of the process)

in #art3 years ago

I really do love the gif, that helps me to understand so much about art and process.

I was surprised to see the cheek reflections marked as black on the cheeks before a certain step! Is there a reason for this? I have never used such software to make digital art except MS Paint.

Blessings! Found you on @c-squared, keep up the great work!


Thanks! @ecoinstant
It's because this was just a sketch I did for practicing. But then I decided to paint it to improve my digital art skills. There is no a special reason for the black marks haha :D
It's good to see that you like it.
I'll post another one now :D

Oh, I didn't know if maybe that was because of the software program or something.

Alright! I will head on over to your blog and check out the new art!

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