OWM Awards 2021 🏆 Now Open For Entry!

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✨ Dear Steemians ✨

One reason why I like Steemit is, that the community here is truly international with a strong base in Asia and a growing community in Africa.

I would like to draw your attention to a very important award which is now open for entry! The One World Media Award! 🌍


This call goes out to all the filmmakers and journalists that are showing their wonderful work here on #steemit. The award focuses in particular on films that were produced outside of Europe and the US. I think that there are some awesome creators amongst you who should apply!


One World Media supports strong, vibrant & independent media that empowers citizens, promotes justice and contributes to international development. Here you can check if you match the criteria to apply:



I have been part of the fantastic, international OWM-Family since 2018. I strongly recommend you to apply. It's a great network with lovely people that are always open to help, share ideas or contacts.


Be brave and submit your documentary!

Elena & Ale

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