Alighting - new painting

in #art3 years ago


40 x 30 in

Ravens are mysterious, symbolizing transformation and mirth. They are mischievious and playful...


You outdo yourself every time! I feel so vulnerable looking at this image.. as if she wants to be open and free but something dark is overshadowing

Outstanding art @elewarne

beautiful painting I love crows

This is very expressive my friend

A very nice painting thanks for the brilliant sharing

Best meaningful indeed outstanding painting @elewarne. Best talent shown.

an impressive artwork from one of the world best artist which is in steemit platform. excellent drawing @elewarne

reteemed & upvoted

Outstanding artwork
Your drawing of bird men are truly brilliant. Excellent artwork.

The design is so beautiful the eagle face you have made looks so elegant and beautiful keep it up @elewarne i have no words for such a beautiful master piece

Superb art sir. I like this

amazing art i like this
nice painting

What an art @elewarne
You are a great artist

Ahhh, those ravens are taking over!

oh damn that's more amazing than previous one look at the color details and epicness wow

wow great artwork!!!!!!!!!
keep it up..

Outstanding art @elewarnen tnx for upvote

this is realy amazing art of elewarne . painting. acrylic on canvas. keywoads painting, woman ,fine art ,ravens,expressionism,fantasy,modern, subject. fantasy . style .expressionism ,figurative ,fine art ,modern , mediums .acrylic .thanks sir sharing the post .

Excelent art ..thanks for sharing sir @elewarne


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its exciting to see wonderful great colour tone exciting art

Wow great art...thaks for sharing sir.. @elewarne

wow! really outstanding art and nice colour. always i like art. thanks for @elewarne

good painting follow now

Alighting them beautifully this is superb to watch incredible art

Hello @elewarne,

Extraordinary good artwork & incredible painting. Art is the gift you got from your bloodline.


the color layers are incredibly beautiful its great to see outstanding art work of yours

incredible art my friend.

young generation lives in a dream world full of fantasy & now it's too late to bring them into the reality. impressive post

wow what a beautiful are are so talented person...awesome art21125830_1969471796600903_8003806976414842880_n (1).gif .. you will be success in your life thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us
may god bless you

Wow!!!what a beautiful penting...

Aligthing, A great paint selection @elewarne..
What insrtument are you using for this paint?
may I know this.?

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