The Guardian- Amazing style design work @elewarne.
Totally awesome.

Great art selection.
A true guardian!!

Great art selection.
A true guardian!!

I really like this one! Thank you for supplying a high res photo, so one can explore all the fine color shades and details :-)

wow! really just fabulous painting. i like painting.Thank's for share.

Eva Lewarne is in The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS online gallery at Manhattan Arts NY. the many awards she received is a Grand Prix Medal in a Painting Festival in Avignon, France. Her art was shown at the Grand Palais in Paris and she has had exhibitions worldwide. And in 2016 she received an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE from Manhattan Arts International
today i knew, i was reading a blog of one of the greatest artist of the world. hat off @elewarne

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this is master piece work two different world in one this is epic !!!

Hello @elewarne,

Extraordinary good idea to keep a web portal of your incredible artworks. It's outstanding brilliant, not only this artwork, all artworks are brilliant in painting.


@elewarne you beauty simply awesome and fantabulous artist you are
as per you title "guardian" your painting hold the whole concept and feel👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️👌❤️️

That's a glorious art work @elewarne. I wanna look what's meaning here.

Wow how deep this great painting

Wow an amazing painting... That looks beautiful the way girl is calm and at peace free from the worldly pleasures.... If feels like the raven is trying to console her the way his eyes are... Amazing artwork.

Wow....another wonderful and interesting artwork by @elewarne sir...
I think you have uncommon drawing ideas and smart painting skill...
Wel done and perfect work sir...

great art really nice and mind touch

I still think in the painting does not understand what it means

Outstanding art sir

A strange and beautiful drawing at the same time I like the way you draw and then think @elewarne

The raven will protect you!

the guardian right name given to it and look at the eyes of that guardian :) sometime art just expresses itself

Guardian - Amazing Painting.
This is looking wonderful & describing everything.
I just adore the painting world, it makes the person more creative and with a wild imagination.

Hi @elewarne what an amazing painting

perfectly made this drawing nice art strokes can be seen :)

excellent your post Thanks for sharing.

You always share the good content. Thank you so much for that.

Really nice art..thanks for sharing @elewarne

That is amazing art sir.. @elewarne

what a perfect choice,it's a amazing painting.

young generation lives in a dream world full of fantasy & now it's too late to bring them into the reality. impressive post