Midnight - new painting

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40 x 40 in

Some people say, nothing good happens after midnight and others claim there will be spiritual forces that act normally between the hours of midnight to 3 am.


wow this paint is dark amazing who likes the night

Wow awesone painting i love it @elewarne

amazing art sir . keep going I support you ♥♥♥

Wow i adore this painting deep meaning touch the soul

Yeah, @elewarne is adorable painter. . . . i Love these painting
Hope to see much more amazing painting
Stay blessed

Awesome painting my dear friend and i download your painting.
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Great painting my dear companion and I download your work of art.

this paint is dim astonishing who loves the night

mavillious such an fabilious painting i am in love with it!

Excellent piece of art and it is scary too.

IMG_3438.JPGWow amazing art.This painting is pretty cool..

Early is on time and no time is actually late especially when a beautiful piece like this was made
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wow this paint is dark amazing who likes the night I can sense those spiritual forces!

great paint . thanks for sharing following you

This painting has a lot to say in it really your picture really defines the phase a picture is worth thousand words and surely this is true in your case....... Really awesome to see such a wonderful painting keep it up @elewarne!!

.Nice post keep it up sir

Oh yes I can sense those spiritual forces!

what a creativity!!!!!!!!! lol

wow, amazing painting your, i love painting, great thinking, thank you for sharing

i thinks that ..midnight really nothing good happens

you are right ...and penting is nice
thanks for sharing

nice post i will done upvote wow this paint is dark amazing who likes the night

very cool painting
love it

wonderful art sir...really appreciate you..👍

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.

I take a resteem to share the haunted feeling of midnight for my friend.haha

How nicely the color saturation was there and in the paint it is the toughest job to do but you did it so remarkably well wonderful the pitch dark black and the beautiful stunning orange red made this perfect art wow you are stunning :)

Awesome painting of Midnight! very deepest thoughts in this painting
you are a very talented artist @elewarne

this is outstanding beautifully captured the beauty in the art work lovely work always nice to see your artworks

great work...

Hello @elewarne,

Extraordinary good artwork & incredible painting of scary moment.


the portrait and the face looks so real i thought it was a photo for a second

midnight art work that's so fascinating cool and interesting at the same time beautifully done :)

wow! really owesome painting. I like your post. every painting diffrent and so nice. Thsnk's for the share.

my feeling about this artwork, a mother awaiting to see his son in the midnight. i can be wrong, but you made a wonderful drawing. impressive colors & excellent @elewarne

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It sure does depends on our beliefs !
By the way ,Nice painting buddy !



Midnight - new painting
Outstanding artwork & excellent theme.