The painting is very upscale as we are always used to fondling it thank you @elewarne master for sharing

Hey @elewarne, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit!

Very nice art

Beautiful paint friend, have a good taste for the art,

The painting has a spritual look..!!!

joint eyes with a sharp look..!!

Good drawing, mate..!

keep the good work going..

~ Tennis Girl 🎾🎾

It looks like half of monalisa & you are apply miror effect in it right?

incredible painting man . thanks for @elewarne

Remarkable printing, looks like mona lisa.

Wow !!!
Mindbloing painting.....!!!
Looks like monalisa.....@elewarne

But concept in this painting is fabulous..

hehe that's something so cool nice illustration :D

Couple face three eyes. Totally amazing paintiing work @elewarne. You every time surprise me.

that is the effect of creativity
an effort which keeps the interest in art alive
keep thinking out of box

Art makes us aware of the beauty of a life. shows us the beauty of a work. A priceless art is an art that is able to thrill the souls of every viewer. From now on, I will be your loyal follower of your great work.
Thanks for this @elewarne

i absolutely love this picture... i like it very much... beautiful colour.. just amazing painting. you are mind blowing painter
lovely art well done
keep it up