Raven Shadow - new painting

in #art3 years ago

Raven Shadow
36 x 36 in

from my Raven series....a shadow always looks more menacing and mysterious that the actual bird...


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Hey @ elewarne, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit!

I connect with you stark use of color!

You are an artist and a creative painter and a professional master of art in the sense of the word Thank you for sharing

Amazing artistic painting and download the true meaning of the plastic art. Thank you master @elewarne for sharing

wow great art really nice

your incredible & outstanding talent of artworks, well revealed in this painting. it seems like you like to draw ravens. i can remember i already see a lot of raven's in your artwork. @elewarne

reteemed & upvoted

just marvellous photography mam.😍..im surprised to see the beautiful thing...👌✌.

Your paintings are really innovative. I would say simply awesome.☺

Marvelous painting!!! I appreciate your great creativity.

Your painting is good,
I think you need more hard work.

you always painted something very unique deep. very elegant mysterious
lovely indeed such a good artist you are :)

Your po st so good to refer to beable to

what an amazing art....... just amazing..

you are a great artist and creative thinker...awesome art that i had never seen it before

that's so pretty and amazing artwork so good thanks for sharing : )

The painting is incredible.

Excellent drawing and good skilled work.

excellent painting nice colour. great work man. thanks for @elewarne

Outstanding artwork & the description you told us made the painting perfect.

That's a wonderful raven shadow painting.

i appreciate your post...... what a wonderful picture.... beautiful art.... you are really really best sir
well done
keep it up
upvote and resteem done

you are the mind blowing artistic in this world.. most i liked your colour the way you paint the colour on picture are fantastic ... you have a great experience about colour