TAKE A WALK - new painting

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Take a Walk

An old tymey code-phrase that one states before leaving to expel digestive gas. In other words, an excuse to tell your friends when you need to go find somewhere to fart.

40 x 20 in


Beautiful artwork my friend, i just adore the painting world, it makes the person more creative amd with a wild imagination

amazing art really nice

Wonderful and interestingmpainting by @elewarne sir...
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Happy drawing....happy painting....happy posting....happy steeming....
Wel done sir...

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amazing art really nice

super painting i like this

wow you have a good taste with your creations artistics

Great article and prefect work.
This is very beautiful Artwork.
Thanks you @elewarne
Have a great day

It's fabulous painting work @elewarne.
Just excellent.

That's best meaningful part of glorious painting.
Take a walk would be awesome @elewarne.

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This is Excellent TAKE A WALK & good article. thanks @elewarne

your talent of painting & drawing humans & situations are truly outstanding. stunning artwork & stunning drawing you just shared to the community. impressive post @elewarne

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@elawarne great painting♡♡ keep it up I support you
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it looks like you are very good at painting,
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very nice painting , sir . loved
thank you for sharing following you

Painting is a hobby for some people..
I think you are one of them @elewarne
Awesome painting......clear mouth face ...just great.

It is sensible to do that ... And a beautiful painting.

perfect photo. congratulations :)

excellent your post Thanks for sharing..and nice art

Excellent your post Thanks for sharing...great art

Great style, love it!

Quite meaningful :) And a quality drawing. upvoted this post ...

This is fantastic new painting .
A better color match.
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really impressive painting sir...👌👍

Ahhh so this character is walking away to fart without anyone noticing! :P

Hello @elewarne,

The introduction you have given is funny, but the artwork is very much stunning. Extraordinary good color theme & emotion of the face. Incredible painting you just made there.


Wow it looks real! great artwork and thanks for sharing with us!

xcellent your post Thanks for sharing

Wow, this is a great artwork. It takes a lot of steadiness and peace of mind to create something like this.
Keep up the Great work @elewarne

Wow you are improvising a lot with your art work this is so cool to check out wonderful i would say :)

this is out standing work looking so surreal and magnificent in the art

wow! really mine blowing art. thanks for share.

Great imagination there and nice to see this artwork damn very interesting

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لوحة رائعة و معبرة كذالك

Great art sir.. @elewarne