Phenomenal painting work @elewarne. Pleasant manifestations.

Wonderful art work as soon as i saw it i was like omg
this is beautifully made great brush strokes nicely presented :)

Wooow it's a Very amazing painting thanks for sharing this beautiful scenery I love it

wow that's great painting just awesome.

Very nice. Did you use a palet knife or brush on this painting?

only brushwork

The texture really comes through. I love it.

WoW ....that's really outstanding.....
thanks for sharing with us.....

Is water color using for this? However great painting object.
I attractive much with watering.

water is looking completely real wow the bottom layer is outstanding nice work

Hello @elewarne,

Extraordinary good artwork & incredible theme of water & liquidity mode reflected through the artwork amazingly.


Very beautiful painting. It just amazing.

@elewarne, I saw lot of Dolphins there. You embossed it with created some sea waves. Glorious designing art selection. I stunning more my deeply.

wow amazing art really nice

Beautiful friend have you take something natural with life and changue for something without live, in something with more life

I do not want to talk about this picture, because I can not find the image I am commenting on. This image should be photographed !!! wowwwwwwwww

this art proves that you have deep creativity in art. so deep art !!!!!!!!!! thank you a lot for sharing

Really amazing art. I like this art very much

great art bro like your post😊😍

Excellent painting work @elewarne. Nice creations.

Very upscale painting thank you for sharing

Wonderful painting work @elewarne loved ♡♡ . keep it up I support you

thats look soo real mavilious i love the painting and appericate your artwork whole hearthly @elewarne mavilious keep it up!

It's beautiful art..really amazing art...i think you provisional photographer...thanks for sharing.....

Wowww, It's amazing, This is one is now my favorite in all paintings
Thank you @elewarne for sharing such wonderful paintings

wow amezing painting nice design .

great post.good job.

This looks pretty amazing painting. The colour and the strokes go along. Splendid work of art.

Wow.... So so beautiful painting. Outstanding art work. Thanks a lot

nice art...@elewarne, You nicely created her emotional effect from this drawing. Wonderful creativity and meaningful art work

I'm not quite sure is this supposed to be just an ocean with waves or sea and clouds. But that's the beauty because everyone can demonstrate in their own way :)

Really excelent art.thanks for sharing# @elewarne

wow really amazing's really fantastic ..i like your artwork @elewarne

Nice painting
i am inspired to see your painting
thanks for sharing

wow very nice post

wow that's sooo beautiful color combination in art

Blue water painting looking awesomeLEGEND_20180305_242732.gif

impressive artwork, outstanding color mix & i see ocean in different viewpoint too @elewarne

resteemed & upvoted

Is water color using for this? However great painting object.
I attractive much with watering. this art proves that you have deep creativity in art. so deep art !!!!!!!!!! thank you a lot for sharing

Fantastic artwork @elewarne 😍😍 you are such a fantabulous artist

simply amazing painting @elewarne seems water is boiling and vapor is rising from hot water. nice artistic work. keep sharing

Very energetic rendering of water and sky!

looks great amazing work. I love the clouds in the sky. They have enormous power in the painting

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote..

Fabulous artwork & first time ever seen water in artistic view

Excellent artwork ofcourse

this is excellent work the painting looks incredible and amazing wow :)

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Wow! Really fabulous painting design .i love painting .Thank's for sharing.

this painting was really amazing
i like your painting
your artifacial design was too good

Incredible work awesome painting work you showed today fantastic :)

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It is acrylic paint...

really so nice

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The artwork is indeed beautiful and amazing buddy !