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You should not spam... All your comments are identical. That's not good for your reputation...
For this time I don't flag your comment, bit please stop spamming posts. Even if they're old like this one... Cheers

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You are judgmental of my way to connect with others! I am doing my best you do yours and stop trying to control everyone, its an effort to reach out at some level and see what kind of response I get, yours saying more about you, than me pasting a response to every one who follows me, and your wrong they are not all identical, some I add a comment where i find it interesting to me to do so!!!

Ey Mate, I'm not judging you at all. You can do whatever you want. It was just a friendly hint.
If I were judgemental I would just have flagged your comment after seeing that literally every comment from u is exactly the same ;) If you really want to connect with people on steemit, you maybe have more to say, and you could talk about what u exactly like on this post, or whats your opinion to that what the poster says. Something like that.

But u can do whatever you want, it's a free platform here :)

U judged minute us said spam, and like I said they are not all the same! im reaching out and as you can see I follow up with those that would like to chat more, so face your own process of labeling things without any thought, remember what we say about others is probably what we like least about yourself


what we say about others is probably what we like least about yourself

So you don't like that you're so judging? Like u judge me that I judge you? ๐Ÿ˜‚


mmmm is that circular thinking? or just word play? maybe a way the ego can ignore