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RE: The Old Dog Asks: How Can Artists Sell Their Work?

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Interestingly enough, last night, I was in an Indian restaurant thinking about posting my photography there as there were a bunch of framed pictures definitely not of high quality and thought, maybe, just maybe, they wouldn't mind having some extra sceneries in their establishment...

As always, a very good posting. You keep on inspiring me to post and post more often! Thanks a lot for another good opportunity to share, namaste :)


Go for it @eric-boucher! Have you already moved?

More on the topic of moving possibly in the next post! I've been on Vancouver Island for 2 months now and there is only one thing missing, a job! Otherwise, this is it, I'm set.

Namaste :)

Hmmm a job! Surely they are in much need of a professional encourager like you!

Vancouver island is a beautiful place. I had a nice tour there about 6 years ago. Are you near Victoria?

Thanks a lot for the warm thoughts, I'm in Nanaimo, about an hour and a half from downtown Victoria. The island is a very beautiful place in deed and come back here after having lived here for 2.5 years before living up in the Northwest. What a treat!

Namaste :)