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Hello dreamers and people anxious for excellence, I send the most cordial and spirited of hugs. This time I bring you a new drawing of nothing more and nothing less than Batman, a character so iconic that his name has become a legacy in popular culture; so much that is recognized worldwide and has been the cause of the so-called "Batimanías." The impact so massive that has caused this character full of constant tragedies, dark and attractive stories, enemies of the most iconic (Like Bane, Mr Freeze , Poison Ivy, The Penguin and the unequaled Joker, among many others, because in regards to gallery of villains, only Spiderman can compete with the bat man). It is for this reason that I decided to make this drawing, because I love this emblematic character and everything he represents in comics and movies.

To complement a little, there is never any more relevant information about the character, because although we all know his story: Bruce Wayne, lost his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne at the hands of a criminal in the Alley of Crime, and in his anger He decided to fight crime dressed as a bat with the aim of being something more than a man, becoming a symbol.

The story is iconic and has always been represented in movies, animated series and Live Action series. But, how was the concept of Batman born ?, since Batman was born in 1939 in Detective Comics # 27, created by Bod Kane and Bill Finger (the latter not accredited as it should be). The popular culture of the 30s helped these two creators to form what would be known as The Batman, because they were inspired by many elements of El Zorro (More specifically in the movie "The Mask of Zorro"), and in the film "The Bat Whispers", from where they took the concept of bats.

Batman is undoubtedly one of the emblematic characters of DC comics with Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, among other greats. His appearances in Movies, series and video games have always been of great social impact (The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan is one of the best films not only in the genre of Superheroes, but in the world of cinema in general).

This character has been part of the childhood of thousands of people and will continue to be part of the life of the next generations, because the legacy of the knight of the night is eternal as the darkness that surrounds it.

Finished drawing:

Realization Step by Step::

1. Initial sketch:

2. Finalized sketch:

3. Delimitation of the lines:

4. Bat Ears:

5. Mask lines:

6. Darkening of the Mask:

7. Shading of the lips and chin:

8. The collar and the layer are worked:

9. Darkening of the right part of the layer:

10. Right side of the layer completely darkened:

11. Both halves of the layer are obscured:

12. The bat logo. And with this the drawing is finished:

Used materials

Drawing pencils:

In the drawing they will always be used, they are fundamental pieces because with good use of them we can make from simple shadows to more difficult paths and details that give realism and volume to the drawings. I used pencils H, 3B, 6B and 8B for this work.

Erasers and Wipes-types:

What makes a drawing different from the rest or that is at least delightful to the eye when working in chiaroscuro, is nothing more and nothing less than the details, especially brightness or light parts, as these are what give the Realistic touch to the drawings next to the volume and depth. And in this the Erasers and the Clean-types are the most ideal, with these will be achieved by children more pleasant for drawing.


Good shading is essential when working with chiaroscuro techniques. And so that the fingers do not burn, blurring or we have dirty hands, because pencils B are prone to cause disasters if they are not handled well. For all this, the Dumpers are the solution, the shadows will be more neat and aligned with each other, you can also make the scale of degradation with shadows and join several pencils more easily. It's not just using the Dummies with fierceness, it's being careful and knowing how to handle the density of the shadows. I'm still learning how to use them, but I'm glad it gets better and better.

Thank you very much for staying up to this point, if you wish, you can leave in the comments that you thought the drawing and their advice to improve, always help me a lot. Below a link of my previous work:

All photographs have been taken by a phone BLU ADVANCE 0.5 HD

Thank you and see you next time!


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Nice Batman drawing :D The step by step is also well presented <3

Thank you very much, I put a lot of effort in the Drawing :DDD

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