Art: The Skull that protects a Rainbow / Realization step by step

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Finally I complete and bring you something that contains color !, I know it is very dark but I wanted to make a contrast between both drawing techniques, what do you think? Personally, I liked the result. The next drawing will be completely in color, however, for now enjoy this.

Finished drawing:

Step by step realization:

1. Initial sketch:

2. Final sketch:

3. The lines are delimited:

4. The holder of the brush is darkened:

5. The metal part of the brush is made:

6. The brush is colored:

7. The inside of the skull is shaded and colored:

8. Skull segments are darkened:

9. The left eye is shaded and adds the rainbow liquid :

10. The nose and teeth are shaded in which small blue drops are added:

11. From the brush a lot of colors descend along the skull:

12. The skull is completely darkened and details are made to give realism to the drawing:

13. It ends with making the puddle of colors and the drawing is considered finished:


-Drawing pencils: H, B2, B6.

-Violet, Selective Yellow, Green, Light Blue and Red.

-Erasers and Cleansing types

Thank you very much for staying up to this point, if you wish, you can leave in the comments that you thought the drawing and their advice to improve, always help me a lot. Here the link of my previous drawing:

All photographs have been taken by a telephone BLU ADVANCE 0.5 HD

Thank you and see you next time!


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