Decision to do art and the urge to improve. 好きなアニメ

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Wanting to Improve 




went to Paris last week. Visited two friends and met several new people. One of my oldest friends Paul took me to a Portuguese bar, where I met a Russian girl, who studied English back home and then decided to study art in Paris. The conversation flowed and she asked me why I decided to do art.

I never did that.

I never had to decide to do art.

It's the other way around. I made active decisions to quit. The longest I could hold was about a year. When I finally stopped resisting and took a pencil, I magically improved. As if I never quit.

Drawing and painting do need practice of hand. But it might have more to do with vision. So unless I go blind I'll keep on improving.

One day I woke up and stopped resisting. If I can't follow through, what's the point of quitting then?

I have many other explanations. But this is the most distilled one :)

Something else.

Whenever I'm asked about my favourite anime I usually reply Haikyuu, automatically. It's a story about a high school volleyball team and its two genius protagonists. I often listen to the series while drawing.

Last time I actually watched something lengthy was Hibike! Euphonium in 2016.
It's a story about a brass band kids who want to win the national brass band competition. Hibike! Euphonium is a lot closer to what I go through on the daily basis. You can try as hard as you want, but you can't win in this :D You can improve and become better and better, repeating it until you die. Your work may be selected and might not. Depending on what fits at the time. A lot of rejection and criticism. Some professors actually pick fights with students, drive them to the edge just to see what happens.

Everybody here just wants to become truly special and do something different from everyone else I suppose.






# One day I woke up and stopped resisting

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. Michael Jordan

私の子供たちの高校はmusicで有名な学校です。うちの子供たちも弦楽器(ギター、ベース) をやっています。ユーフォニアムの音色はいいですよね ^^







@nadeshiko さん、低音パーツですね(´∀`*) かっこいいです!

Hi Fukako. Nice insight into why you do art. I think you are talented so it has worked out well.

Thanks 🐰
It didn’t work out yet tho :)
The journey starts now

100% vote for haikyuu!!

Right! It’s great xD
@foovler what’s your favorite character?

the little squirt! Hinata....... Kageyama is too cool for me. can't wait for 4th season of the anime.. don't read manga..

@foovler yeah Hinata is great :) he is an inspiration of sorts. Just keep on pushing, that 🔥 in him... I can’t wait for the 4th season too, so reading the manga. It ll be epic when animated :)

What other anime u r watching? U might know one dat is good that i dont know.

@foovler have you seen Erased (Boku dake ga inai machi)?

I loved that series! Great story. Sad but good.

@foovler can you recommend anything?

Dont Stop!

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@fukako, I think it's profound that you never had to start and if anything only tried to quit. Yet, you couldn't quit what is inherent in your nature. You're oddly inspirational in a geeky, beautiful way.