Some cool street art finds in Da Nang, Vietnam

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So it has been a while since I have been able to find any decent street art and I'm going to go ahead and admit that Da Nang might not be the best place for me to be looking for it. There is a tremendous amount of compliance with laws here and a general sense of community, neither of which is something I consider to be a bad thing at all.

However, every now and then we find some outdoor art that although it isn't normally done with spray, it is very well done in a general sense and they are all originals by what I consider to be very talented artists. None of these are mass-produced decals is what i am trying to say and they have texture to them which to me indicates that they are one of a kind originals that are done painstakingly by hand, probably by a small group of people or even one individual.


These were all on the walls of an outdoor restaurant and you can see in this first one that there are the remnants of what was probably that horrible and near impossible to remove from a surface double-sided foam tape that is made by 3M. That is horrible stuff and i know that every time I have ever used it that doing so has really pissed off the landlords. It simply will not come off - which says a lot about the quality of the product I guess.


This next one kind of reminds me of Monet in that if you got too close to it that it looked like nothing at all but you need to be a certain distance away from it in order to take it in. Down at the bottom right there you can see what appears to be a condiment basket.... because that is what it is. I'm an idiot and should have moved it for the photo :)


There are certain parts of Vietnam that still look like this but it sure as hell isn't Da Nang. These traditional shophouses have all but completely disappeared from the streets of any major city in lieu of much taller structures. But i guess that is the way that it has to be when your country has nearly 100 million people in it and is half the size of California.


This last one is covered up but is actually an extension of the previous. What's cool about this is the collection of traditional cooking tools they have arranged here and in some places these sorts of tools are still used or at least that is what the English-speaking staff member told me. I have only seen the big round thing used to dry out produce in the sun. The rest of it, well, your guess is as good as mine as far as what they are used for is concerned.

If you find yourself in Da Nang and would like to see these for yourself (there were many others as the entire place was covered with one long continuous work) you can find them near here If you just walk down that street and look for it, you'll see it, the place is relatively huge.