Some decent "street art" in a quirky bar

in #art3 months ago

I had never been in this particular bar until a friend of mine insisted that I go there. I have not been to this place before because they have no food and it isn't really a bar in the traditional sense. It seems like more of a hangout place and people do things there that have questionable legality. They must pay off the police in order to get away with this: Don't worry, it isn't anything crazy like a crack-den or heroin house, it's something that I think should be legal worldwide and it is starting to become that way, I'll let you fill in the blanks here. I have also intentionally not included the name of the place because I don't want to get them in trouble.

Anyway, the interior is covered with custom artwork that I found very creative and worthy of the visit on its own.

The first thing I noticed was a giant Rick and Morty mural high up on the wall in the main lobby.


Ok, this isn't exactly world-class stuff but it is pretty nicely done and I'm in favor of anything featuring these two anyway.

The next one was inside of the rather disgusting bathrooms. I wouldn't say that a great deal of emphasis is placed on keeping these rooms clean for the customers because I think that most of the people that come here probably are there for "takeaway" anyway.


I intentionally adjusted the photo so that you couldn't see the floor because that might have frightened a few people out there. Again, this isn't world class stuff, but I think it is great that they did this. Would it look cleaner if it was a plain and clean color? Sure, but since "clean" doesn't seem to be what they are really going for here I appreciate the artistic approach.

There were a lot of other pieces in this place, but I don't think the owners were really keen on taking pictures inside of this place due to what was going on in there and what the majority of the customers were doing. Let's just say that i was one the few people in there that was actually drinking beer.

Da Nang doesn't have a lot of traditional street art because of reasons that I don't fully understand. That which does exist seems to have been done with permission and most of it doesn't involve spray paint. I'm not gonna say that this disappoints me because when you look at some urban areas like say, NYC or Chicago, most of the street art is simply "callsigns" or gang oriented something or other and that isn't art in my mind.

Spray work is extremely rare here and most of what I post has been done with brushes. The few times I have witnessed the work actually being done, it is also being performed by multiple individuals.