All Mighty Christmas!

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Merry Christmas, Steemit!

So, All Might decided to dress like Santa Claus and to deliver some gifts for the Class 1-A. But surprise surprise! He was expecting some milk and cookies as Santa would do, but there is some Ponche Crema and Torta Negra instead! (Which, for who doesn't know, are what we drink and eat here in Venezuela. I must say Ponche Crema is an alcoholic drink and the Torta Negra is a cake with a bit of alcohol too, so... Be careful, Toshinori!). In addition to the Venezuelan food I added to the scene, I wanted to show a Christmas Tree and a "pesebre" (manger) or "Nativity scene", because they are typical in here as well.

Did you notice our heroes' socks hanging in the wall? Can you guess to whom belongs each one? How do you think our heroes reacted on Christmas morning?

Here is a version where you can see all the socks:


For the background, I started by drawing a sketch of the walls and the lights using a customized pencil. Then I used a customized Real G-Pen for the lineart, added flat colors and some textures, lights and shadows.


For the Christmas Tree and the bag of gifts, I started by doing a sketch for both, then, for the tree, I draw the lineart for the tree, each decoration and the start, and for the bag of gifts, I draw the lineart for each gift and then for the bag itself. I applied flat colors and some patterns or theme for the gifts. I made 4 different light bulbs for the tree, I added textures, lights and shadows for both the tree and bag of gits.


For the table where the cookies and milk should be, I draw the sketch, the lineart and flat colors for each piece. I added lights and shadows for the bottle of Ponche Crema, for the table, the spoon, the plates and also added texture to the cake, including the powdered sugar.


I draw the socks and I customized each one to match one of the members of the Class 1-A of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Acadamia), can you guess which is which? I of course added texture, lights and shadows.


For the Nativity scene or "manger" ("pesebre" in Spanish) I draw the full scene in flat and then I put it into perspective into the final scene.


For our main character, Toshinori Yagi, or better know as All Might, I started by drawing a sketch of his pose, then lowered the opacity and draw the sketch of the actual him in that pose and his thoughts: "Where are the milk and cookies?". I draw the lineart, applied his characteristics comic shadows, flat colors and final lights and shadows.


I added all the elements to the scene:


And for the final result, I applied global shadows and lights, and some glows.


It was a lot of work and I hope you like it! As always, comments, questions and suggestions are welcome!

I hope you had a very happy Christmas and I wish you a happy new year!



Hahahaha dressing up as Santa is something I can see All Might totally doing. Good job!

Yeah, right? I agree. Thank you!

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¡Cuánto detalle! Extraño a muerte el ponche crema, recuerdo que lo podía tomar que si en junio o marzo u octubre sin ningún problema. Acá probé uno de unos venezolanos que era sabor a café, muy bueno pero nada como la cremosidad de los nuestros. Also, wtf, torta con ponche crema? Le dará diabete y diarrea a ese Santa... además, no way que exista un Santa así todo buenote que piense en leche y galletas (al menos que sean de avena y leche de almendras)
JAJAJAJAJAJ, bella ilustración, as always, crack! <3

Jajaja puedes prepararlo, al parecer lo que necesitas es ron y leche condensada. Bueno, chamo, All Might aguanta eso y más JAJA. Muchas gracias :D

Looks like it is a very merry christmas for the people at the HERO ACADEMIA :D Very nice picture, @gc6 :D The details are amazing~ All the different boots are my favourite parts of this <3

Thank you! I'm very glad you like it!

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