Back-to-back for the Ice Tribe!

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Hello, Steemit!

So, on February 19th our lovely twin sisters Felicia and Flora were on their birthday, and I couldn't resist but to make a piece of them.

They're loyal maids and fierce warriors in Corrin's army, despite the fact our charming Felicia is a disaster as a maid (but formidable in the battlefield) and Flora is next to be the leader of the Ice Tribe after their father.

They could use ice magic and be really cold sometimes but they can also warm some parts of ourselves... like our heart!

I started by a rough sketch of the pose of each of them with a pencil. Then I made a "clean" sketch of the pose, and afterwards I draw a sketch of the correspondent maid (with hair, clothes and so on). I proceed to make the lineart with a customized real G-pen, applied flat colors and the lights, shadows, shades and some brights.

For the background I applied a gradient of tones of blue, I made some snowflakes, I draw the trail of the swords, applied some gradient in its path, some shades and blurs here and there and some snow.

You can see the process for Felicia here:


The process for Flora here:


And the process for both of them and the background here:


Here you can see the final result for Felicia:


Here you can see the final result for Flora:


And here is the final result for both of them:


It was a lot of work and I hope you like it! As always, comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.


Other sources where you can find it:


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