Froppy's Birthday! [Boku no Hero Academia]

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Happy birthday, Tsu-chan!

Yeah, I know it's still Feb 11, but it's already her birthday in Japan, so I wanted it to be published by now.

So, on Feb 12 the girls from Class 1-A decided to go to beach for Tsuyu's birthday! While Mina and Tooru are messing with Kyouka in the water, Ochako tells Tsuyu that she's going with Momo for some coconut water and asks her if she wants to come too. I wonder if someday they will be able to come to our Margarita Island (Venezuela) and try a really good classical cocada.

At the end of this post you can see a version without the dialogue balloon.

First I started with a rough idea of the composition, so afterwards I could do the sketch. Then I focused on four main parts: background (beach and their stuff in the sand), the girls playing in the water (Mina, Kyouka and Tooru), the dialogue baloon and Tsuyu. I made the lineart for each part, added plain colors, textures, lights, shadows, some details and finally global light.

For the background I decided to have a sight of the beach (sand, sea and sky) and over the sand a towel to place things over it, a cooler for the ice and beverages, towels to dry themselves and some flip flops, under a big parasol to cover from the sun. I added some sand over the stuff to make them look more in place. What do you think they took to drink? ;)


The splashing girls. So Mina (left) and Tooru (right, she's invisible) are molesting Kyouka (center) with water haha, I bet they're having fun. Even a little rainbow appeared due the splashing.


The dialogue balloon. Some people love it, some people hate it. What do you think it does say?
Uraraka says: Momo and me are going to get some coconut water. Tsuyu, are you going?


Tsuyu-chan! So, yeah, our main girl and birthday girl. I hope she is enjoying herself and having a good time. What do you think about her hair style? It's a mix between her regular hair style and the one she uses in the dorms. Also, I didn't make her wear her one-piece full body swimsuit, but a two-pieces instead, what do you think about it? Does it suit her?


Here is the overall process:


And here is the version without the dialogue balloon:


As always, questions, suggestions and comments are welcome.

I hope you liked it!


Other sources where you can find it:


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