Let's ride a horse!

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Hello, Steemit!

I've some work stored from the last months which I did at Alesky Arte (I just practiced my drawing, the credits of the style and guides are for him). This time I will show my my practice with horse anatomy for comics, I hope you like it!

The first one I tried was a horse in a regular standing position. It is said that if a horse in a statue is standing on its four legs, the rider died outside battle.

First, as usual, I did my sketch with the basic form of the horse using a 4B pencil. Then I lighted it with a kneadable eraser and proceed to add more details of the final form of the horse, using the same pencil. Afterwards, I used a 2B pencil to add the dark parts, shadows and last details.

The second one was a standing horse in a dynamic position. It could be a horse ready for battle, to run or even to play. It is said that if a horse in a statue is standing on three of its legs, the rider died by injuries from battle.

The process was the same: doing a sketch of the basic form of the horse, with a 4B pencil, then lighted it with a kneadable eraser and added more details, to end if with a 2B pencil, adding shadows, texture and last details.

The third one was a horse standing in a single leg. It could be a mourning horse or a really happy horse. It is said that if a horse in a statue is standing on two legs, the rider died in battle. What do you think it would mean a horse standing in just one leg?


The fourth one was a landing horse, maybe after it jumped in a playground or in the battlefield. The process was the same as the ones above.


Here is a picture of the four hourses in the same page! (Plus a banana pencil for scale).


I also did a bonus horse! It's a relaxed and strong horse, maybe just resting in the grasslands.

First, I did the sketch with a 4B pencil as usual, making the basic form of the horse with some geometric shapes and a bit more of other shapes.


Then I jumped to use my 2B in finishing the horse shape, shadows and details.


Finally, I used several drawing pens to make the inking of the final result. I used the shapes 0.1, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8. Then I cleaned it with the kneadable eraser to just leave the ink on the paper.


Thank you for reading and supporting me! I hope you like my content. As always, questions, comments and suggestions are welcome!



Good to see you posting again!

Thank you!

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Very nice tutorial! Horses are something I need to learn how to draw, so this is very wonderful !

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Beautifully done! Great to see some of your drawing process, too!

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