Multiple vanishing points

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Good afternoon, Steemit.

In this occasion I bring to you the last that I’ve done related to perspective:

  • Two vanishing points over the horizon line
  • Movement over a composition with 2 vanishing points
  • Composition with 4 vanishing points (fisheye lens)

I hope you will enjoy it.

Two vanishing points over the horizon line

First, I traced the horizon line (L.H. in the picture) and the sight line perpendicular to the previous one (L.V. in the picture), and over the L.H. I marked the vanishing points (P.F. in the picture).


Then I traced the guide lines with the help of a ruler, as recommended by my professor, to make the shape of a cube, projected to the P.F., which lines I traced by hand.


I traced more guide lines to make the shape of the house and its surroundings, using the P.F.


I used the kneaded eraser to clear all the guide lines and I drew the lines of the composition by hand.


For last, I added details and shadows, and here is the final result:


Movement over a composition with 2 vanishing points

Like the previous case, I started by drawing the L.H., the L.V. and both P.F.


Then I traced the guide lines that define the roofs of the buildings and the street. All the lines go either to the P.F.1 or to the P.F.2.


Then I traced the construction of a dummy traveling over the street. Notice how it rescales as it moves over the sidewalk.


I erased the guide lines and finished to draw the composition.


Here you can see both finished compositions:


Composition with 4 vanishing points (fisheye lens)

I traced the L.H. and the L.V. and in each one I set two P.F. to the same distance from the center.


Then I traced the bases of the buildings and the street. Notice that the lines that should be vertical curve respect the P.F. 3 and 4, and the ones that should be horizontal do it respect P.F. 1 and 2. All the lines converge to the P.F.


I added one person as it would look right in front and how it would look if it travels for the street.


Here we can see the final result:


The perspective is interesting, because it is like seeing the world through a fisheye lens. The center of the image remain in place and the borders in the infinity converge to a circumference, rescaling everything in middle proportionally.

That’s all for now. Thank you very much to see it and for your support. As always, suggestions and comments are welcome.



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Excelente tutorial! de pana que lograr plasmar la tercera dimensión en el papel es toda un arte. genial tu post

Muchas gracias :)

Incredible work of yours, this is really very good art, I like with your skill, hopefully you always succeed in work, good job

Very thank you!

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