Ultra Spooky Acerola!

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Hello, Steemit!

This time I wanted to do a Halloween drawing (I'm late I know) and I decided to make one about Acerola, the Ghost-type Trainer who is a Trial Captain and Elite-Four Member in the Sun/Moon and USUM series of Pokémon! I wanted to feature her with her 5 pokémons from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in the Elite-Four (I also decided to give her a Banetite for her Banette to be a Mega Banette, ha!) with a sixth pokémon... Mimikyu! My first inspiration was due the Ultra Spooky Cup's reward from past month Online Competition in the game, which is a Shiny Mimikyu, but I found out she actually has a Shiny Mimikyu in the anime (I don't follow the anime) nicknamed Mimikins, or Mimitan (ミミたん) in the Japanese version! So I decided to include it instead!

I decided it would be fun (and maybe useful) to show the steps of my process, so this is how I'll show my work:

  1. Spatial distribution of the composition.
  2. Description of the process of making a single character, showing the process of each one.
  3. Process of making the background.
  4. Getting all together and final result.
  5. A video/gif of the process.

So, first I started with a blank sheet and a pencil-like brush in the software Clip Studio Paint and I draw the areas where each character would be in:

Then I proceed to do the following:

  1. Reduce the spatial distribution's opacity.
  2. Drawing with the same brush a sketch for each character, each in a separate layer.
  3. With a Real G-Pen drawing the lineart for each character.
  4. Adding a gradient to the background, from dark gray to a just a bit lighter tone of dark gray.
  5. Applying flat colors to each lineart.
  6. Adding lights and shadows to each character. I used a custom G-Pen for this instead of using brushes and two custom erasers. The custom G-Pen had 50% opacity, the first custom eraser had 0 hardness and 30% opacity and the second one was similar but had 100% opacity. I used the blending mode Multiply for the shadows and Screen for the lights, I also used Add (Glow) to add some brights (suggested by @gabo7 ).

Here is the process for each pokémon and for Acerola:




Mega Banette:


Mimikins / Mimitan:


Then I proceed to made a background. Since Mimikyu is the protagonist, and it's a Halloween theme, why not using a dark forest? Since the exclusive Mimikyu's Z-move: Let's Snuggle Forever takes place in a dark forest. I used a Texture Pen with different colors and then lowered the opacity of each layer, using Multiply and Screen blending modes, to make the final result. First I made the floor, then I made some grass with a Calligraphy Pen, then I added some bushes and then some trees. Here is the process:


As suggested by @gabo7, I added afterwards some mud and rocks to the floor.

So, for the end, I had to integrate the composition, so I made some characters darker and added some shadows and of course a spooky mist for the end! Here is the overall process:


Gif of the whole process:

A better quality video of the process can be found here.

Watch it on DeviantArt.

Well, thank you for reading me, I hope you liked my content! As always, questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.



Wow man, great art and really good post. I really appreciate the how it was created info. Can't wait to see more :)

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Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

Really well done! Loved the Acerola and the Palossand creeping in the back, as well as the Mimikyu covering them all . The process of making it very detailed as always. A little bit late but glad it's here in the end =)

Thank you! I like the final result. Yeah, better late than never I guess.

Amazing job, keep it up!

Thank you!

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Te comentaré en español porque #AquiSeHablaVenezolanoCoño.
Genial, CRACK! sigue así y espero verte más constante por acá!

Jajaja, la publicación en español vendrá eventualmente, supongo. ¡Gracias!

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This is such a wonderful drawing ! I love it ! The step by step is wonderfully presented and I admire the composition with so many characters !!! Gorgeous colours and detailing, also <3 A beautiful art work~

Wow, very thank you, that means a lot to me, it was a lot of work!

Wow, very thank you,
That means a lot to me, it
Was a lot of work!

                 - gc6

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Very interesting to see how you go about making this type of art. Thanks for showing the process!

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