Haiku's for her. Day 23. For @cryptocatz.

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@cryptocatz and I had a collaboration of sorts.

Haiku's and scrawling doodles.


We even did some sculpting.

I don't think she knows how much our exchanges meant to me.

She is my sister from across oceans, land and sea.

I have left my haiku response waiting for over a month.


I am a loyal, but unpredictable friend. She is loyal and predictably always there.

Thank you @cryptocatz.

Our friendship - I hope it continues to grow.




You are TO kind!
I am totaly unpredictable 😁
Reading your Haiku got me all teary eyed,
I wish you were closer so I could kick your behind for that, the CryptoCatz don't do tears!
I am happy I found you when I did,
It WILL continue to grow, I am your personal stalker, your partner in crime, your groupie, whatever you wanna call it, I'm right behind you
Hugs sister 🤗

I love being able to see your poetry on paper. Thank you.

Before this daily challenge I would always write on paper and and scribble and scratch out, then transcribe. We have my paper and noted pads everywhere. With time pressure I have learnt to think at a screen.
When I first started on steemit I seldom used a computer at all, even when I worked I had paper notes. My early posts were all transcribed. I had a huge 6000 word intro, or maybe second post, it was all copied across with 2 finger typing, and because of my unique short hand I had to do it all myself.
It is different kind of thinking I'm sure. I'm convinced that our brain works differently when using a device. I can't spell, if I am writing I just scribble a guess that sometimes I can't even decipher later. When I type it in to check, often the words comes to me clearly.

I rewrote this in my best printing. 😊

This particular day felt like a bit of a cheat. I know haikus have structured form and should reference nature with breaks and epiphanies. I took advantage of a syllabic count and wrote to a friend. I didn't have the strength to even type, so I thank you dear critic for finding a constructive angle to comment. I commend your efforts in this contest. I have enjoyed listening in to you read in class too, t is great to be a part of it. I have to get chatting in the general channel so I can comment on the class feed. It was me that dropped the Poe raven on Daniel BTW, I forget how long it is sorry, it made my day to hear it though. I love it.
I am hopeless at chitchat in forums, I will just have to write random hellos to people in the general chat or strange random statements, that is more my style...

I'm glad you are there. I don't often get to see what's in the general chat. I guess I'm a little bit of the opposite of your experience, as I'm usually confined to the audio Channel and don't get to see what's going on in the chats.

Steemit for Friendship is start of an new era..

awwww... this post made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... thank you!!

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

I see you have a cool animal on the end of your pencil !
I have been wanting to get one too, for my pencil, and can't find any.
and i just noticed yours .. :-) it's cool.

It's yours.
I have a few promises of steemit snail mail postage to do this week. I have decided to stop procrastinating. Message me your details. It's a sloth. I can get you something more Agnes. A cat? Dog? The unicorn has a broken horn.

Are you serious ? YOu are so kind !
What a way to start my day.. Thank You so much !
I am crazy for cats, but I actually really like that unicorn... i was planning of getting one as soon
as i move into the big house, and i get settled, but getting one, and my first
one from you as a gift would be awesome ! It will be a very precious thing for me!
Here is my email address , please contact me there, so i can give you
my info! and thank You again !
[email protected]
heart small.jpg

Wow, amazing art