A Drawing A Day Set 9

in #art3 years ago

A Drawing A Day Set 9 , I am drawing these on my art channel live , building up to a 366 brick book called A Drawing A Day ... all the drawings are drawn live on my channel ...in sets of 6 drawings that are 5x5 inches

see the Speed video of the drawing process here

get your Set here https://payhip.com/b/zdGD


You can find my Patreon here

You can also find my artpage on Facebook here

I have an ongoing Color A Weirdie A Day project, where we color live
daily the weirdie of the day, you can find the group here

I also have a Youtube Channel here you can find video previews of all my books and of books published with Global Doodle Gems, you can also find coloring and drawing video’s here

Most of my books are available as pdf versions as well, I am all the time adding more books to my Payhip shop, so be sure to check it out, there are usually great discounts available on the pdf’s here

Wishing all a wonderful and creative time with lot’s
of beautiful colors and smiles

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