🎨 Artefact XII - original paintig + progress

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I'm not sure if many of you remember but I've posted this painting and its process already 9 months ago. I've painted only 339 paintings till today (a few of them I consider too bad to publish) so I run out of paintings after one year of daily posting.

Artefact XII, 2014

Acrylic on canvas, 140 x 140 cm / 55.12x 55.12
This painting is still available.

The process:


Some more shots of me working on the painting:


A cross-faded slide show of the progress can be seen on this page:

Thanks for upvoting and commenting!



This is amazing Peter! I love it when you share your progress shots. You are a machine my friend :)

Thank you Jon, but you have no idea how lazy I am at times! :-)

I love everything about you... i mean your paintings.. your place, the way you work.. the patience you have.. i am so glad i found you Peter !
Are you aware that i even have found steemit through you ? :-)
I think it is plenty for your ego for one day, right ? so i stop ! :-D


This is very sweet, thank you Agnes! 😊 I wasn't aware you found Steemit through me!

The volumen y f**** incredible!! It seems I can touch the tunes.

This one is dement. I cannot stop looking at it and getting lost inside. And the process is spectacular, I must steal from this :D
Also the atelier, I am jealous.

Do you actually still have space to make more spontaneous details or is it almost all dictated by the 3D model?

Thanks @haedre! I'm not good in being spontaneous when it's about executing my large formats. Being too spontaneous results usually in unfinished paintings which are then lying around for years and waiting for a solution for my out-of-control spontaneity! I have spontaneous ideas though but I need to see them very clearly (on the PC monitor) before I go and paint them.

You nail it, makes sense to have a very rigorous method and plan for the big pieces and indeed, to avoid unfinished works.

The cat on the art desk is so my life as well.

I love that you are watching/listening to a video on your projector whilst you paint, I do this as well, only usually two separate screens. :)

I do usually just listen to various stuff while I paint, but running videos side by side of my painting or on the secondary screen is way too distractive.

Awesome post Peter! A lot of work into this painting just incredible :o

Thank you Sander!

Nice, that's a cool technique with the projector. I'm not sure how many paintings I've done.I could spend many hours trying to go back on my social medias to do an inventory, but I'd prefer to just paint another new one with those hours lol I think I'm around 4-500 paintings, however many of them are small, probably 80% are 12 x 12 or under.

I never managed to paint more than 25 pieces a year so keeping track was not a big deal! :-)

I'm familiar with the feeling of not wanting to post things you feel are toobad to publish, I think we would still think what you consider bad to be pretty good though :)


I doubt that! :-)

At first I thought you used a 3d software to make the "base" of the drawing. and to set the perspective...but you did all of this by hand!! Your work is superb

Thank you @rodrigozottis! I use 3D-software all over the place before I even touch a brush!

Wow! Falling in love with this picture :D Great work 👍
I didn't arrive here nine month ago so I can't remember :D

It's so captivating it took almost a second to get in there painting.
Love your work .
Would you mind checking in some of my works?
I make art and do photography
These are some of my works.
I m

Thanks @devasish! Nice macro shots you do!

Thanks for your comment sir

Your painting is amazing Gric. I loved seeing your progress.

I admire you for your patience for details. I struggle with that!

A question, what are you projecting on your canvas? Your digital painting? Or a 3d render of it? I'd love to know more details on that. Thanks dude! 😄

Have an inspiring day!

Thanks @dmt! I was projecting this 3D-rendered concept of the painting:


Ah thank you very much! I play with 3D software now and then, but haven't really integrated it in my 2D pipeline. Because of you I may have to take another look into that. 😉

The whole nine yards of sharing, resteeming, upvoting etc - good one!

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