🎨 Hawuawuashka tryptocarrier - Original painting + Progress & details

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Hawuawuashka tryptocarrier.jpg

Hawuawuashka tryptocarrier.

Watercolour and black pen on paper. 2018.
32 x 24cm (12,5 x 9,4 in)

A cargo vehicle spotted travelling in the hyperhedron, shot at an absurd 42.64231 parachronial metaspeed (PCMTS) in the neuro-haedron plane GWA TT321119.

Hawuawuashka tryptocarrier_crop 1.jpg

The meaty, blobish and cybernetic form is Hawuawuashka. A tier biologic, tier synthetic (nano-based) and tier virtual substance that is known for inducing 72 hours orgasms, sought-after throughout various universes (See "The Technopriests" for cross information).

Hawuawuashka tryptocarrier_crop 2.JPG

Travelling in the Hyperhedron is theoretically impossible but in practice it is often done. It can nonetheless provoke partial dematerialisation and structures unentangling.

Hawuawuashka tryptocarrier_crop 3.JPG

This artwork is an entry to the "Visionnary art contest" hosted by @elohproject and @slothicorn!

I found the proposed thematic of the "hyperdemensional object" totally fitting with my work since my illustrations and comics are set in a world I built and called "The Hyperhedron".
"Hedron" comes from the greek particle "Hedre". You won't find it alone but attached to words, for instance in "Dodecahedron". Obviously the idea of the Hyperhedron is a sort of technologic, A.I. masterminded multiverse with many planes, reals and virtuals.

Enough meta-wank, let's have a look at the process.

In this painting I used a cheap block with side sticked paper to avoid the watering preparation.
The sides are sticked so it does holds a bit the paper to prevent warping but it is definitely not that efficient as a proper tensing with water like I usualy do (See previous posts with progress reports).

First, a bunch of perspectives lines and a main block. I put some marks around the paper on my table in case I need the vanishing points again (which are also drawn on the table of course!).
Process_1 wat.jpg

After trials and erasings, something appears!
Process_2 wat.jpg

Now, basic inking. Refining the shape in order to get an equilibrated and dynamic composition.
Process_3 wat.jpg

This paper cannot cope with masking fluid, it'd rip off when I'd take it out. So I haven't used any altough I would have liked to. At the end I went brutally on painting the background, going over the central shape, totally scrupleless.
During this part I am usually assaulted by thoughts like "what the hell is this sh...t! I have just ruined all that nice inking" ...
Process_4 wat.jpg

... but I am used to that so I continue. Once the background was "done", I mixed colours (mostly ochres and burnt sienna) with a base of white gouache for a stronger covering and headed straight for the shadow parts of the impossible shape. It'll give quickly more volume and this just helps me to better oversee.

Now getting to the meat. A mix or oranges and crimson red. Just a bunch of rather random clumsy brush strokes.
Process_6 _wat.jpg

Let's have a closer look.

Adding the meat shadows, some burnt sienna mixed with blueish.

Adding more ink for the outlines with thinliners. Finally it commences to stick out of this mess. Everything that is beyond the vehicle is left without outlines.

More ink, more details. White acryl, gouache and thinliners for the touch up. And again shadows and light.
Process_10 wat.jpg

All right, after much more splats and details ... we're at 99,999% or the final render.
Process_11 wat.JPG

Remember, I used a rather cheap paper and I haven't tensed it. So, at the end it had like a hollow in the middle. After having waited it to be absolutely dry, I have gently wet its back. Then put the front side down on a clean board, put kitchen paper on top (so on the back), then a glass, then a carton, then a heavy pile of books and weights. Waited the night, .. and got a perfectly flat artwork!

Ah! And during the work, I have mostly listened to "Pollen", an album from an obscure 70's French psychedelic band called "Pulsar". I have also listened to the audio books of H.P. Lovecraft, "The temple" and "The nameless city".

Thank you for having checked my post, I hope you enjoyed it!

Check my official website for more art! http://www.haedre.com

Support me through http://www.patreon.com/haedre

And/or directly with cryptos!

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Thanks again! Please don't forget to


This is really just awe inspiring. And I love that you create a world to illustrate. I love to do this as well.

Your use of colour is so good in building up your piece and seeing it from the straight lines of your initial drawing is really amazing. I love seeing all the different way we work, yet a great sketch and build up seems to be the genesis of life in artwork and I love seeing it form. Great process shots to help us see this happen!

Thank you very much for the nice words @donnadavisart!
I guess for for a comic book, you kind of have to create a world, especially if it's a fiction. And yeah it is a very pleasant and rewarding mental exercise to note everything and then trying to get something out of it that makes pseudo-sense :D

Thanks again!

Absolutely amazing work, I'll be following for more!

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Hello! I find your post valuable for the art community! Thanks for the great post! ARTzone is now following you! ALWAYs follow @artzone and the artzone tag, and support our artists!

This is creativity at its peak, I love your attention to details.

Thanks for that tip on flattening paper too, I sometimes mistakenly splash water on my paper while drawing. I'll surely try this out if it happens again. Screengrabbed!😀

Thank you for appreciating @promisearts!

Depending the quantity but if I splash water on my painting I think I can throw it away after :D
But yeah It can flatten again a painting that is warped.

Great, thanks.

Really awesome post! And I love the finished product- so dope! Cheers!

Thank you very much @caitycat!!

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Awesome art and great process. I like your style, it’s really modern and is something that a lot of folks will be drawn to--also your presentation is rad!

Thanks a lot for commenting @lilyraabe! Glad you're appreciating the work and its presentation. Yeah thanks to smartphones and their incredible modern camera features actually, makes it so much easier to take shots during the process.

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WOWOW haedre~ always such a master with your concepts !! Love this ! The tension between the organic stuff and the concrete structure is so well captured~ love it!

upvotes and resteems

Thanks for appreciating again Spider!! It can indeed be difficult to manage squared shapes mixing with more blobish ones as they can somehow cancel the dynamic and make the illustration rather floppy. But I am happy how this one turned out!

Great story, composition, watercolor and perspective. I love it mate.
Always envy those who really knows their traditional medium stuff.

Btw thinking of joining in the contest if theres still time. Looking interesting

Thank you @nazirullsafry! For the story I am lucky the thematic corresponded well :)

Good luck for the contest if you applied.

I'm such a sucker for geometry and that first picture with the perspective lines for the box give such an exciting feeling of 'something great is about to come'. Incredible colours with sharp geometry in this one, @haedre. Big up!

geometry can quickly become nightmarish indeed :D
Thanks for appreciating @manouche!

Nice work! Looking forward to seeing more from you :)

I am honoured by your visit and comment @beinart ,)
Sure, more is on the way!

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That flippin awesome!

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Thank you @bifilarcoil! There is more, now! :D :D

Tight work! It is like a utopian-io submission! I love your art as always! Great post and details!


Thanks again for your supportive comments @dynamicgreentk!

A M A Z I N G !!

Der Hammer !!


Vielen Dank Michael! .)

great trip hope your? day is. always: fun, good luck I support you, if there is time please; help me,post..$

blip blip

I like hyperdimensional matters. And your picture is really cool :)

Glad you're onto weird angles @portalmine .) Thanks for the comment!

Nicely done, something about it reminds of the work of Jean Giraud (Moebius)

Jean Giraud Escher

Thank you @talltim! I am a bit influenced :D

Sehr sehr cool. Mir war auch nicht bewusst, wie viel geometrische Vorarbeit in einem solchen Werk steckt. Danke für´s Zeigen!

Vielen Dank!
Für diese gab noch eigentlich eine schönes Freiheit =)

Damn this is beautiful 😄

Glad you're appreciating @juliakponsford -)

sooo weird and awesome. I love the progress pics too. It makes me nervous seeing blue ink poured all over a line drawing...but happy to see it brought back to life :)

Thank you very much @pual! Yes, it's difficult to not have these doubts, they always come at various steps during the process but like said, I am used to it :D

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Thank you so much @slothicorn!!!!

🎉 Congratulations @haedre! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

Wow amazing I love it. Love to see all the process shots and details. So much effort and passion is put into this.

upvote and resteem :D

Thank you for commenting and appreciating @sanderjansenart!

Super! Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing @haedre. Peace

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Very welcome. Thank you so much for your loyalty and patience.

I can't paint (can only play instruments), but this is great art! I'm impressed by it. I believe I'll check out your other postings, as your art looks very interesting!

Have a nice day :)

Keep it going, love the progression !

Thank you for commenting @steven.nam!

...now it's actually the first time I've seen this......am so late :)
Really like the concept and colours...
..am interested in getting a print at some point, probably next year.....

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