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RE: 🎨 Artefact XII - original paintig + progress

in #art4 years ago

This one is dement. I cannot stop looking at it and getting lost inside. And the process is spectacular, I must steal from this :D
Also the atelier, I am jealous.

Do you actually still have space to make more spontaneous details or is it almost all dictated by the 3D model?


Thanks @haedre! I'm not good in being spontaneous when it's about executing my large formats. Being too spontaneous results usually in unfinished paintings which are then lying around for years and waiting for a solution for my out-of-control spontaneity! I have spontaneous ideas though but I need to see them very clearly (on the PC monitor) before I go and paint them.

You nail it, makes sense to have a very rigorous method and plan for the big pieces and indeed, to avoid unfinished works.

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