Das ist Maurichen

in #art3 years ago (edited)

                                                                                  [ Hello I'm Hakuna ]

Thanks for being here, that means a lot for me. Im a Colombian artist, nowadays I'm living in Cali, but 3 months ago I was traveling with my girlfriend around Latin America, now I'm learning German and working so, in my free time I want to show you parts of  the Gravvit's universe, welcome.  

When I'm sketching prefer doing it two times between layers so when I start the digital tint there is something closer to what im thinking. 


Then after the tint i just put the colors, well this one has not to much of that so when I'll use more color I'll show you more steps in the process :3


I hope you enjoy this post ass much as I did drawing it, if you want watch more of my work can follow me on 

 facebook.com/hakunatime  and @hakuna_time on Instagram


                                                                          Thanks ° Danke ° Gracias


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very nice post, keep it up. make sure to check my art page too. artists need to come together on this platform to make a very big impact.

Thanks you, yeah, together its better, specially with art. Checking your page too :D

Danke, im trying my best :D

Hallo, this is a project im working on, La große adventure de Ronjalein y Maurichen, what do you think about? :D

yes is great artwork continue