My Handicraft Projects - Swing Lantern From Popsicle Stick

in #art5 years ago

Hello Steemians! Finally, today  I have finished one of my handicraft projects. This is a swing lantern from popsicle stick. Not so difficult to make it, just takes precision and patience of course in order to get a good result. Like me who had it done during the week (damn it was so long), I made it slowly because I was too busy with my work. So I made it everynight after coming home from work. I think you should be try to make it. :)

Perhaps only this can I show to you. I will finish some my handicraft projects again and I think it's so good to be share here. So, if you like my handicraft project, feel free to upvote, resteem, and follow me @hatta to see my next handicraft projects.


This is awesome! :D Really great idea! Upvoted and re-esteemed!

Thank you so much! @herverisson

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