My Side Job - Clothes Hanger

in #art5 years ago

Hello Steemians! This time I want to share you about my side job that I had just started about a month ago. For starters, I tried to create a product that is a clothes hanger and hopefully my business is going well in the future, I hope. I will also show you some of the process in making. Here I am only using 3 raw materials, it's wood, wire, and clear hose. It's not difficult to make, but still requires precision in order to get a neat and good results.

Materials in need:

1. Wood. This is wood that I use to make it. I get it at a cheap price and certainly good wood

2. Wire

3. Clear hose

Process to making:

Thanks for visit my blog, I hope this article was useful. If you like my work, feel free to upvote, resteem, and follow me @hatta to see my next awesome articles. :)


Thanks for sharing your new "passion" and techniques with us all. Good ideas and beautiful work! Namaste :)

You are welcome. Thank you so much. नमस्ते :)

Very nice, what a fun thing to make! I like all the different colors ^^

Yeah it makes more attractive. Thank you so much. ^^

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