Just A Little Reflection Before Bed Time

in #artlast year

Yea this time has been good for thinking, gathering myself. Feeling isolated but I'm used to it. People like me yet social life can be hard. Before the virus scare I was getting more social, people were being more friendly, I especially liked some new lady friends I was just getting to know.

Now that I'm decompressing off much of it I feel my creative character side coming out again. It's been a long haul in life, been poor yet constantly working, found it hard to find people to vibe with - I don't like the party drinking scene so much. Now I can express it more, been writing down more thoughts. Almost filled the newest notebook in a few weeks. I feel my creative works coming out. Took awhile to get back to myself. Even last month was super busy, took me awhile to recover.

Also don't feel as caught up in the Covid hype lately. That will be good for my creativity, will get back into more story telling philosophy side of things. Tomorrow is Saturday. I may be able to get out and just go grab a coffee and go for a walk. That will take my mind off things and allow me to jump back into the art/music world. I need those times and those breaks. All in all the day was good, had some sun, a couple people phoned me! Wow 2 calls in one day and it's been silent forever. Saw people out and about a bit more today. So that's good, I am feeling a bit more life lately! Also my mom had a good day too!! She got out and had some good walks.

Ok perfect that's good!! Got out a bit of thoughts here. Helps clear the mind. That's why I always liked these crypto blogs. It is a sort of a journal for me! I will sleep good, have a rocking day tomorrow. I think I will try to make and practice some music in the morning. Get the groove going for the day.

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