New Wild Glitch Trip Pics As I Drift To Dream Land

in #art4 years ago

Another late day, now night with the fam. Stayed in all cozy today. We had enough to eat that we didn't need to go anywhere. It snowed all day. I played some guitar while tired. Still it improved my skill. Good to put in the effort to keep up on it. I was glad to just make some more art in the late evening here as well. A good wind down.

I played around with some planet and cave art pictures. There is a cool feeling in that. Making new age art out of very ancient art. I also like planets and space pictures. Sometimes real interesting shapes to make glitchy effected art with. Wow more and more relaxing down. I am at the threshold of not knowing if I can stand being so relaxed lol. I have had real high anxiety through life. Yet I know I must calm down in ways for health and peace of mind. Yet still stay focused on what is disturbing. Still be disturbed or whatever yet to not let it get to you at the same time.

I think what I'm saying is society is hyped up and the harsh conditions of the current situation are sickening. Just can't let it impact your body health or take away your livelihood inspiration and all around interest in life. Don't let distractions take away from social bonds. The gossip pit is a crabs in a bucket realm. It's time for that cartoon detox! Talk about fake news...what about fake characters. Get to an authentic trust instead of an unjust paranoid society. Paranoid v.s. polite society take your pic.

So now I go to bed to further process - Ahh! Life! Further the schemes and the schtick. Remember all the good sayings the fam and I came up with throughout the years. Find interesting ways to present our ideas. I think I will dig into reading some books tomorrow to further stimulate the intellectual ideas and my life philosophy. I always had a unique perspective, as a child. Don't want to forget that. I'm remembering to tell my life story. To tell stories. Alright I will have a good dream sleep tonight! Oooh, boy it's late, good and tired.


Great art

if i am honest i never understand this kind of art work. what is the purpose to make it?

Just something interesting to look at where your not quite sure of what it is. Therapy.

Always being confusing to me :/

wow !!!!
Nice art...
You are a really great artist..
Different colours makes it very lightingful and colourful ....

Thank you, yea I like to have fun with it!

Wow beautiful......your art related post always awasome...It admits of no doubt......

Hehe, thank you.

wow.. the color is so vibrant.. I love looking at it :) I've followed you.. you are so cool!

Thank you for the appreciation

Creative glitchart,
thanks for sharing

colorful planet, I love it.

Awesome this art, i appreciate your planet.
Upore and resteemit

Wawoo amazing :) ready great stuff.. hope to see more :)

I see you going to far on this platform. keep it up

It's really beautiful art.....i think you provisional artist..Nice art .........
Thanks for sharing....

thank you for such a nice post, i wish you the best.

great art @havok777, this is great content

Amazingly beautiful arts

this great post I appreciate your art thanks for sharing..

excellent art.

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