Whether It All Goes Wrong Or Not I'm Trying To Anchor Myself. Plus Some Further Glitched Digital Art

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Fight Back Against The False Apocalypse!!

Whoa Oh! Are all these apocalypses happening, haha, yea I only want the positive apocalypse!! No Negaversed ones!! Is the mass hysteria growing? Well, uh I gotta jump back into the next realm now!! Calm conquers all!!

Yea some people are really worried, strange test at shutting everything down from a biohazard. Well I think where there are dense populations these things sometimes happen. I don't believe in conspiracies, rather I know stupidity too. Will we survive the glitch! I hope so. This cannot happen at a time where I want to shake hands, hold hands, kiss and hug more people! Can't wait to see what happens in 2 weeks

Find by instinct the true people for your own circle to survive wether it's a disaster show or not! The last while people have been more nice, I'm making greater connections!! Yea I feel invincible towards anything that could try to stop it or slow it down. At the same time outside there are horrible politicians eroding social structure, with the paranoia at pandemic people are getting more distanced. Poorer people, children, women, minorities are experiencing more strife with all of it. At the same time more awareness and revolutionary movements are occurring at greater force and frequency. May we keep our 2020 vision intact!!

Now I'm going on, moving on, marching through March!! There is another snow storm to survive in my area. I will still get out in the next while. Go to karaoke, a movie, a music show. Also brew up all of what I've got going on. Next may be the gaming realm and music realm. Perhaps a bit more story time.

Ah yea the music! Here is links to the music pages of Massesect and Synthesis Underground!!



The thought of more music soon, yes!!

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But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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