Pixel art Armorsmith for Splintenlands' Art Contest Week 48

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     Hello to all Steemit community, this week I decided to join this art contest for the second time, in this opportunity with an Armorship. A short step by step, further on this post.

Armorsmith final.png


So I started with a sketch (as always) and from that I tweak until I get what I want. So here's my first skecth, as you can see is very simple and easy to draw, I use it to get an idea of the pose I want the character to have and the size of it.

Armorsmith first img.png

Then, I change the position of certains features such as the eyes, hands , hammer, etc, multilple times. I also reshape all the drawing over and over again (For me this is what takes the most part of time), and when all that is done, I just focus on fixing small details.

Here's a gif that shows most part of the process

Armorsmith 1.gif


I hope you liked my post, you can support me by upvoting me, I also would like to read you in the comments, see you next time!


Nice work! Glad to see you're still pixelin' away! :)

Thank you, I really appreciate your support!

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