Pixel art styled animals 6/10 (Dog)

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     Hello again to all Steemit community, more than half of the serie, today I have for you a drawing of a very popular and loved animal in the canine world, a husky. So far this is one of my favorite drawings, and the time it took me to do it was not to much compared to my previous drawings.

Husky dogs are a very popular breed of dog and are the most similar to their cousins ​​the wolves, they are very strong, resistant dogs and besides that, good companions, these dogs have a thick coat and can have blue eyes , brown or both colors

A very peculiar characteristic of this race is that they are not the obedient type of dog, they are quite stubborn and trying to train them with traditional training procedures can be a challenge. In addition to this they require a lot of physical activity and company. Source


     In my previous post I mentioned that I would probably use another tool for the making of my drawings, and that is the case for today and for my next works, for the realization of this drawing I used a tool called Aseprite.

Aseprite as its name can already give you a clue, is a tool for the creation and animation of sprites and also for the realization of drawings related to pixel art, although it's a tool that requires a single payment, it is really worth it, it has somee sophisticated tools that allow the creation of the drawings and their subsequent animation to be quite simple. If you are interested in downloading it, you can do it Here

I started as always, with a sketch, in this case it was very simple, I applied the main colors, which were white and black, then I adjusted the position of the eyes and nose. After that I delineated the face, I made some shadows and began to adjust the size and shape of the ears, I added the hair and finally I made the tongue.



I hope you liked my post, remember that you can support me by upvoting, if you have any suggestions for my next drawings don't hesitate to comment down below!!!


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