Comission art of monster high girl in Gorillaz style

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Hello there 20.png

Couple of days ago I have received the order to draw the character of Monster High in Gorillaz style. It was useful experience. Usually I draw volume pictures, but this time I managed to try simple 2D style. It was pleasant to the customer, so I have carried out the task.

My task was to draw this character like a character from the Universe of Gorillaz:

And of course I kept processes of creation of this drawing. I always start with simple posing sketch:


After this step i made linart:

And last one was coloring and shadows:



That's all for now. Hugs 2.png



Steampunk robogirl rockstar, cool!

Hi Helen! =)

I just wanted you to know that I featured you in my curation post today ;) ... I hope you like what I said about you, and the format, etc.

Nice to know that you do commissions! =) I have only done one so far.
Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. You REALLY should post more regularly!


Oh my! Thank you a lot, my friend! 10.png

Woah, you did an amazing job drawing in Gorillaz style! I also love how you drew her hair~

i'm so happy to know you like it 18.png