Fashion of Postapocalypse. Cover art for fun :D

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Hey guys. There is my vision of fasion magazine of Postapocalypse. I don't have any idea what kind of beauty will be actual in this time, but it hasn't prevented me to dream up on this subject. I am not sure even that there will be magazines of fashion in Postapocalypse. But let's assume they will and how they will look like?

May be like this one? :D

I hope it was fun. My radiated hugs for you :D



I like your style! The process pics were great to see. The cover is pleasant to look at. The colors and textures create that Apocalypse tone well. Great work! Following and an Upvote.

Thank you @pattoounlimited for your detailed feedback^^

This is really cool.

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Класс! А денег то сколько) видать кита поймала ;)

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Ты это заслужила! :)

ааа, спасибо т.т

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Работа, которая действительно заслужила 300+ лукасов