From sketch to art #1

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Hi everyone! What's up? Today I have decided to create for you an interesting subject which shows how the drawing changes from the sketch to the finished art. I hope you will like it and i will continue this theme.
But I have to warn you that it is not a tutorial. It is only process of creation of the drawing 20.png

First of all i need to make sketch, of course:

Next step is basic colors:

After colors i have to make shadows:

And last step is finishing all details:

My drawing is finished.
But i decide to make simple GIF with all changes of my drawing from sketch to finished art. Here is it:


And there is full version:


That's all for now. I will try to make posts like this one more often if you like it. Hugs guys 7.png



beautiful rendering!

Thanks a lot @ankapolo c:

Ultimate cutie!

Thanks man^^

Looks so easy - but if i would give it a try, it would just stuck somewhere at this stage:


ahah :D
But it's unique with own way anyway 4.png

Very nice... The colors so amazing...

Incoomparably u know! телеграм10.png

wow thank you my sweetheart 7.png

Amazing work! I really like how it was brought to life with those happy colors and the skin is exceptionally great! I hope to see more of your pink haired characters! n_n
Custom stickers!? That's reaaally cute! ♥

Heey thank you dear @kothy
i'm glad to know that 2.png

I love they way you shade and just your art style in general!

Glad to know you like it^^