From sketch to art #2. Whales and friendship

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Hello guys! How are you doing?
I hurry to share with you my new drawing. This time I have decided to represent whales and friendship with them. Whatever big they were, they need support and sometimes help of ordinary people too, i think. That is why I have decided to draw such plot this time. I hope, you will like my drawing and you divide with me my thoughts. I have no big money, but I am able to draw therefore my support will be in the form of the drawing :D
Thank you guys for your support 25.png

And there are some steps from sketch to art:

And full art, of course:


My hugs for you



Вау ёр арт им эмэзин , ю рили хэв э тэлэнт. Ёр скилл ис пёрфект, лайк оф май инглиш скилл

О, Вы наверно из Британии? :D
Пасиб @geekclub

Просто прелестно

Oh, I thought it's more like that kind of relationship. кит.png

lol that's great

this is amazzzzzinnng!!! i'm glad more illustrators are steemit, it's not as much fun if i don't see art styles i would die for!!

your colors are amazing, and since you did your values first, everything just pops! i haven't tried that method yet, mostly because i don't do paintings very often, but i think i'm gonna have to! keep it up!

O_O woow thank you @sheagar !
I'm so glad to know you like it^^

This picture is adorable and I wanna hug a whale now

Let me hug you while whales haven't come 24.png

Seriously i love your artwork its so great, please keep doing this lovely art <3

I'm happy to know you like it. Thank you dear @maryspace 7.png

Какая прелесть!:)))

Your very talented, great work! What are you using for the digital sketches?

Thank you^^
i use adobe photoshop and standart brushes c:

one word - incredible... way to go :)

yw :) do check out this contest if it interests you, would love to see your related illustration...

I adore everything about this: the palette, the composition, and the expressions all really capture the emotion I think you intended to convey.

As someone who's artistic talent tops out at 'stick figures', I find it very interesting to see the intermediate steps in the creative process. Thanks for sharing those as well.

That is adorable! And whales are my favourite animal ;) ... I hope a whale or two here on Steemit notices this ^^

Ha-aaah thanks man @mandelsage 41.png

She is adorable, love the wip 🌸

Очень круто получилось! :) Ты большая молодец)

Спасибки, Вет с:

Nice drawing and beautiful colors! Well done!

Glad to know it, thank you @blue-dragon 12.png

TY for sharing the steps. I enjoy seeing how other people go about then art process. It was fun seeing the steps towards your layer and depth.

That's lovely. If you don't get some whale love for this...i'm not sure what'll wake them :) Love seeing the process behind your work.

Awww thank you @jfolkmann
And i love to share with you my process of drawing 12.png