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Hello my dearest friends. Today I would like to share a portrait with you. Portrait of the winner of the last contest. The participant with number 2 won in the randomizer. And it was @fourapril .
Thank you, friend, for taking part and supporting my initiative to give away portraits among subscribers. I hope the next time there will be more participants 22.png

And there is some steps of creation it:


And full version, of course:


Thank you guys for visiting my blog and reading this post. If you are here for the first time, then get ready for mental hugs24.png



Классно рисуешь!

Отличный портрет!!!! Такой классный наш Апрель :)


Nice work..looks sweet..would like to see original

Thanks @psyceratopsb c:
I'm so sorry, but original is a photo of real person. I can't show it without asking. But if @fourapril let me, i will upload his photo :D

Would be nice.. hopefully

Ofcourse. No problem)

Вообще невероятно круто конечно получилось, спасибо @hloria =)

Тебе спасибо за участие 22.png

This is cute. It is so soft and the shades, nnngggghhhh... I like it !

Thanks a lot my friend :D

Мммм, какой же Апрель очаровашка!!!!! Умничка, @hloria!!!


Hello! Your art is really lovely!

I'm an artist and I have been on Steemit for a year now and I really want to make a bigger difference on Steemit. So I'm hoping for your help with SP delegation while you're away :)

• I upvote and resteem lots of great content on Steemit, mostly art related as that is my main strength. I will continue curating as always, but on a bigger scale.
• I've held a variety of contests, bringing community together. I currently host fun random weekly contest for which I hope to increase the rewards.
• I market myself by rewarding my followers, instead of buying any votes.
• I will never self upvote more than once per day.

Here is the delegation link in case you decide to delegate:
I hope to see you back on Steemit again :D

I'm also considering making some giveaways especially for delegates and I'm open to requests ^^

Thank you for you time and have a great day!

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