My art of Mistress of the Copper Mountain

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Hello my friends. Last summer I have taken part in creation of the Russian art book of "Beastbook". I have drawn the Hostess of the Copper Mountain in the representation. I wanted very much to represent imperious woman capable to trap any who will desire her wealth.

But at the same time I needed to stand on her gentle disposition which can gain and show that people can trust her. Thanks to the fact that she manipulates consciousness of people whether she can draw for herself conclusions about person - is he or she strong, or weak, capable of greed. It was important for Mistress.

And there are some steps:

I liked this way of drawing her face, but there was still no any magic. That's why i had continued to find out it.

Noooo...Not like this

Hmm..much better

Added some colors and started draw details

And there is finished version

And this is the photo of my pages in artbook "Beastbook"

I hope it was interesting for you. Thank you guys for your support.
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Wow I love your style! Just stumbled upon this and had to check all your previous posts. You've got a unique style going for you. I love it! I might even have a go at making one of your characters in 3d someday. We'll see :)
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Oh my Godness, thank you man for such pleasure feedback. You can use any character you like. It would be so cool. Noone makes 3d with my characters and it's so sad. if i could make some 3d, i would do it by myself, but i can't 41.png

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