Practice of emotions

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Hello dear friends.
Sometimes I feel I don't have enough skills to transfer emotions of the character. Because of this problem it seems to me that the character is not alive. With such situations I am helped by practice of drawing of emotions. And mirror. At first I need to submit the scheme of emotion. Usually it is several strips and circles instead of eyes which accurately transfer emotion. After this i start to draw sketches:


Next step was to make base for future colors:


Colors, of course:


After coloring i make shadows:


And there is finished drawing:


That's all folks :D
I hope you will enjoy with this simple art 12.png



Hey i saw your Interstellar girl illustration and a I REALLY LOVE IT, the colors everything. Your Style is awesome to me, so right now you have a new fan here also on instagram for support your art <3 <3

Btw: How you make the icons that take you to a link? and

how do you put the stickers on the comments?

Sorry if my english sucks, but I really love your style

Thank you so much @maryspase

For linked icons i used this html-script: < a href="link to your social profile" ><(img src="link to image")(without (__)>

And for stickers i post only link to image ;)

im really really love your art, continue like this :D

firma 6.jpg

ahah okay, thanks man :D

I think you're very good at drawing emotions! But ahh the crying one makes me want to give her a hug

oh that's so cute thank you @thilah ^_^

I love your art style! I wish I had more steem power to promote content exactly like this.

oh wow thank you man! But I have enough of the fact that you visit my blog and spend your time to watching my arts 18.png

I think you are pretty good at drawing emotions. Can you maybe post some of these "strips and circles"? I would love to see the process, because for me emotions are a challenge as well :3

Thank you @atrocsy ^^
I wrote about emotions here:

But if it still doesn't help, I will try to write about it with more detail in the future 11.png

Oh, they are wonderful! It is definitely helpful. Thanks a lot!

Ahah i'm glad to see how people use my stickers in everyday life. It motivates me to draw more stickers :D

blessings you are soo brilliant!!

thanks friend 1.png