#Stickermaker part 4. About emotions and new stickers of my

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I continue to conduct the direct report from homebrew factory of production of stickers. Today I will tell about such interesting and important thing - emotions. Better to understand them, we need to sort schematically couple of examples. Let's say that we want to draw a sad face and for a reference point we will use corresponding emoji

And if to sort this emotion literally, then it has to turn out approximately this:


In general, the emotion is read, and we can see that this guy is sad. It is already possible to let him to completion. But something is obviously missing. And I will tell what. Exaggerations. Yes. If we want to make our sticker more characteristic and interesting, the emotion needs to be increased. Like that:


Here it is possible to experiment somehow. The main thing, is correct "to read" the scheme of emotion. Also would be to think out abruptly a dramatic pose in which our sticker is direct would get used to a role:


This dude is so dramatic queen right now :D
We also tried to obtain it. So don't be afraid to experiment. Sometimes even childly drawn stickers are capable to sink into the soul. The main thing that they gave emotions. To understand that dramatic character in emotions, it is possible to take a mirror and to wriggle. Here the main task to catch that character which distinguishes the same sad face from joy. It is also possible to reconsider a portfolio of actors and see as they get used to roles. But I prefer various animated films more. There just often show the exaggerated emotions, such bright, cool.
Well and for fixing, I will give couple more of examples of emotional schemes and their interpretation in stickers:

= 5.JPG = 6.JPG
= 7.JPG = 8.JPG

In general, this very cheerful occupation. Once you try, right there will tighten. And one more council, very much important - you should watch animated cartoons. And as much you will watch them, as better your emotions will turn out 14.png

And, of course, I will share new stickers which at me turn out. They are tied to following emoji:


That's all for nowl.Thank you for have found the time for reading this post. Frankly speaking, I don't know about what to write in the following parts of Stickermaker therefore I want to suggest you to ask the interesting questions. And thus we will issue together with you small the FAQ of stickers with the developed answers. My hugs for you D83DDC95.png



Excellent, as always! DQmbihaaDSCDAc5QCMe7GGgqz282wuRNuQHB95Ahc3izbH5_1680x8400.png

Thank you my dear 7.png

По мне так пользительно :)

Значит не зря их создаю, спасибо 2.png

When we use stickers we reflect something of us in that stickers.. Good job.

Sweet so its really this easy to use one of these!

you can use them for free. I hope you will enjoy 18.png

Cute <3 The expressions are well designed too!

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