#Stickermaker part 5. Full sticker pack for Telegram is ready

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Finally! My new sticker pack is ready for download. I'm so happy. It was very good experience to make my own stickers and i hope i will make more and more stickers in future. Having completed stickers, I completely could realize as it is important to be able to transfer emotions. Each muscle on a face, each look, each movement, all this creates mood and character of sticker.

With pleasure I share with you my sticker pack:



But if you want to use them on Steemit, you can use this mini-version (ctrl+c url of image):

1.png 2.png 3.png4.png5.png6.png7.png8.png9.png10.png11.png 12.png 13.png14.png15.png 16.png17.png18.png19.png20.png21.png22.png23.png24.png25.png26.png27.png28.png29.png30.png31.png32.png33.png34.png35.png36.png37.png38.png39.png40.png41.png

i hope you will enjoy using this stikers with Hloria D83DDC95.png



Клёвенькие стикеры!!!! :-))


They all look great! I think this sticker is my favourite so far haha

Yeah this one is most expressional :D