Walk of Hope update : Ballpen on Board "Panabong" by @flabbergast-art

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The Philippines is very fond of Sabong, the cockfighting that the whole country seems to find fascinating. Fights don't end till one opponent is literally dead where bets are placed on the winner. PANABONG in Filipino is to specifically point to those used in cockfighting. They are bred for that purpose only.

Another finished ballpen on board work a few days ago, i must say this one took almost a year in the making as he left it unfinished when @walkofhope started in April last year in Visayas. This was a commissioned work from one of his patrons in Vigan.

Funny enough, @pengrojas used the unfinished photo in one of her poems last year in helping us to raise funds in one of our projects.

As our @walkofhope's livelihood training is on-hold as @flabbergast-art is on leave, our collaborator Mountain Dreamers Ph head is continuing to supervise our kids in producing previous local products that the kids have learnt as per order in Tan-awan, Negros Occidental. With the initial plan of returning to Negros this month, more commissions have come through to help with funding that tentative travel will now be in March.

This till further notice from @walkofhope.

Disclaimer: all images from @flabbergast-art. Footer and button by @bearone.

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