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Hey @rok
This is a universal truth. I learned that lesson very early on. In fact, I would say my father first planted the seed with a saying that his father passed on to him:

"Turn a defeat into a victory"
So naturally, when I first started working on my personal projects, and I came upon defeat, I instinctively already knew I was standing on a pile of gold

Now, whenever I get an idea that I can visualize being incredible where it just to come to fruition, to reach maturity, I think of it as a guaranteed success.

That doesn't mean I will succeed, it just means I believe I will succeed. That's the only mentality, as I've come to learn, that I can work with

Doubt and uncertainty result from lack of vision, not temporary setbacks, obstacles, and barriers.

The key to success is a clear, focused vision, and the drive to keep the ball rolling until it finally crosses the goal line.

Working on projects that we believe in is the goldmine that we are sitting on

Because failure is the greatest teacher. We only learn by making mistakes, and learning how to do things better. We cannot learn by philosophizing in our armchair, we must go out into the world and test our ideas out.

Then Nature, the Cosmos and Intelligence are given the space to manifest any hyper-dimensional forms that the world is ready for.

The bigger the idea, the more ambitious the project, the more satisfying it is to encounter failure, to have our expectations of success shattered, only to be rebuilt with more solid foundations, and toughened resolves.

Great post my friend. I'm sure you must be cooking up some mean beats these days. One love xx



Miss you buddy! Hope everything is going well for you! (Aside from this year's crypto bear market of course!)
Probably a good thing that the Universe is cooling everybody's jets so we don't forget about the real world and our real lives... Yes, technology and the future are unstoppable, but we don't need to get on a rocket to the moon to get there ^^'

I'm just speculating, you might be so smart that you've actually moved into your dream condo by now!
Either way I always love your thoughts and our interactions brother <3

I've been going crazy with the beats lately too! Really exciting stuff :D
Think one day we might exchange production tips over discord or email? :3

I've been learning that delayed gratification combined with patience and knowing what is coming our way leads to a build-up of excitement that when everything comes into alignment we just get the most orgasmic high

Kinda sad to say, though the condo is moreless a dead dream at this point. Needed more like a 6x portfolio increase from January’s peak, though sitting on about a 70% “loss” instead. Ah well. Proved the Buddhist point of attachment and desire leading to suffering - wasted alot of time and energy fixated on that which surely coulda been more wisely invested. Nonetheless, live and learn... still working on the delayed gratification and patience pieces, I guess. :-)

Hit me up on Discord anytime - Sivante #1044

Hey @rok
You will definitely get that which your heart desires! I think the Universe just didn't want to make it too easy for you. Otherwise you might not have decided to go back to music and focus on things that really matter to your Soul.

Literally I was in the exact same boat, and learned the exact same lesson... It's funny

There will be some unpredictable event that will make everything possible, and you will be at the top of your game when it happens!

Prepare yourself for all the happiness you deserve my friend! The wait and fear that the gold isn't 3 ft. deeper will make it that much more BLESSED when it you hit that vein!

Love you bro x
Will add you very soon :)

Perhaps. (Or at least that's a good thing to tell ourselves for the time being, lol.)

T'is a good thing in some ways that it didn't happen as planned - probably would have been too much too soon. And there might be other options in different areas that are actually a better fit. Either way, there are still probably some proper foundations to set and character development to undergo prior to arrival at that level. So yeah, there's a perfection to the timing beyond what we can always see at the moment...