Nature watercolor sketches

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Hi, guys!

Today I was looking through my old sketchbooks and found some old sketch treasures. Usually after a while sketches seem to be horrible and need to be re-drawn, but these are still nice to me. I remember the trip I was making them in - it was in Sofia park in small city Uman. There's a huge dendro-park over there, so beautiful and magical that I even would like to live there for may be a month or two, to fix on paper all beauty it has inside.

See you in the next post!

Love, Inber


There’s just something about natural stuff I think. All my old character work is cringeworthy as hell but even my try hard impressionist landscape (when I had only just learned about Impressionism and otherwise knew precious little about it) still looks passable (as in I don’t hate it).

Those sketches are lovely, the first one is my favourite 😄

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Nice Paintings overall good finishing

These are really nice drawing, they have so much warm energy in them, just know real nature :D

Great drawings. I like the technique.

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Отличные наброски!