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The last couple of months I've been hearing more and more about NFT and Rarible. Specially from @rubencress, he made me join 'em.

So, I have decided to not only share my 'creative' outbursts, but you can actually purchase my master-files on Rarible.

This creative outburst, "VIVID" was made with Maxon C4D and Adobe After effects. It has an 'original' length of 5 seconds, but as it loops.. it can playback forever (until your batteries run out of juice). It's going to be a set of 2, the 2nd one will be available in the first quarter of 2021.

About the set:
The first one has a very vivid and bright kinda vibe, while the 2nd one has a more darkened vibe.

---> Link: if you'd like to stay in loop.

#Rarible is a platform and a marketplace for #NFTs.

If you are interested in how I make my outbursts, lemme know.

See ya!

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