New Faces - Outburst 001

in #art3 years ago (edited)

Just joined Steemit and see a lot of new faces,
but also non-human faces: BOTS. Which is, in my opinion, kinda annoying as it pollutes the real presence of real people. But, within a decade or a few years, this opinion of mine would be considered racist as AI takes over..

Anyway.. I'd like to share one of my creative outbursts today. Not to celebrate farming-bots, but to celebrate the uprise of AI (acting like it actually has a brain).

In my introduction I shared just a little about Motion Graphics, well this is one of 'em:

Freaking Faces - Mind within a Mind. Created in C4D and AE

Let me know how you feel about BOTS and tips about sharing these kinda outbursts are more then welcome!




Hehe, thought the bot vote would be a great way to get you, as my brother, a little bit started on the platform. You already know what I think that you should post, and that's def. more motion graphics! Simply because you're one sick fuck with that stuff. Maybe you can drop the next Showreel here as well ;-)

Love you <3

Do more of these! They are amazing!